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blackstar.STUDIO Series

The vast majority of these artwork pieces were created in 2015 prior to the loss of David Bowie. As a fitting mark of respect the studio gallery was aptly renamed the blackstar.STUDIO and launched in 2016 with its inaugural exhibition of the creative Fan Art by Steve Stachini.

Please note that blackstar.STUDIO is no longer a commercial business as the physical studio closed many years ago. However, the story of the blackstar.STUDIO remains as a historical reference and a continued inspiration to many. Much of Steve's fan art is not available for purchase but is appreciated by thousands around the world.

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Wake Up To A Bowie Wrap

29 Teenage Wildlife - Original Size 75cm x 50cm
The very first piece I created in 2015. Designed for and dedicated to my brother Robin Nixon.


30 Hideaway - Original Size 70cm x 70cm
Representing the complexities and emotional turmoil of Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Stardust.


31 Sound And Vision - Original Size 80cm x 62cm
David in meditation, mentally orchestrating music and art in a self made visionary sphere.


32 Colourful Hero - Original Size 80cm x 80cm
Marking the return of David to Europe and contemplating so much more than just a photo shoot.


33 Berlin - Original Size 70cm x 76cm
Reflecting on the Berlin years and the secret meetings of a forbidden love.


34 inSane Q - Original Size 70cm x 68cm
Mixing simplicity with chaos for world perception as the DNA of David.


35 Apocalypse - Original Size 70cm x 111cm
Secrets of the untold stories of David and the events of what he always knew would be.


36 Just A Word - Original Size 80cm x 63cm
Reminiscing with a story poem created from over seventy album titles.


37 Starman - Original Size 120cm x 68cm
Depicting the rise, fall and revival of Major Tom from the book of David.


38 Station To Station - Original Size 142cm x 120cm
All twenty seven studio albums with track titles as destinations and Blackstar located in Brixton.


39 Reality Check - Original Size 60cm x 60cm
Simply a play on the Reality album as David flourished, enjoying life on tour.


40 Mindless - Original Size 200cm x 130cm
Alone time, easing the pressure and escapism from the work of Absolute Beginners.


41 Evoke Original Sizes 54cm x 54cm
Where opposites collide and exchange the same thought processes with equal results.


41 Negative Space Original Sizes 54cm x 54cm
Where opposites collide and exchange the same thought processes with equal results.


42 Hunger City - Original Size 98cm x 59cm
A guarded environment where even the reflective thoughts of the mind are controlled.


43 Asylum V1 - Original Size 150cm x 100cm
Drawing parallels between the insanity of David, his brother and Steve Stachini.


44 Serene Conflict - Original Size 100cm x 66cm
Calmly battling between reality and reason, knowing that creativity objectively prevails.


45 TBC Six T8 - Original Size 80cm x 53cm
Witnessing the departure of a soul as an honoured guest.


46 FANF7580 - Original Size 70cm x 52cm
Making a mockery of an industry where understanding is the voice of contempt.


47 Brixton - Original Size 90cm x 100cm
A coincidental journey... or not?


48 Labyrinth - Original Size 296cm x 70cm
Designed for as dedicated to Jodie Stachini. If it were not for her, this piece would not exist.


49 Sublime David - Original Size 120cm x 120cm
An unbelievably complicated piece with hidden depth, created for Kellie Stachini.


49 Sublime Bowie - Original Size 120cm x 120cm
An unbelievably complicated piece with hidden depth, created for Kellie Stachini.


FYI pt1. / FYI pt2. - Original Sizes 133cm x 60cm (each)
A literal, visual story depiction of the music track Five Years.

50-FYI-Part 2-133x60-Bowie-Art-By-Steve-Stachini-blackstar-Studio

00 Barcode - Original Size 77cm x 77cm
Displaying the whole Studio Album Plus Series on one canvas with a unique year themed, colour barcode.


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Read the blackstar.STUDIO Story