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V27 Series

A closer look at the Fan Art creations by Steve Stachini. Including some thought provoking images produced in 2020 and taking some concepts to another dimension. This collection cements five years of inspirations totalling 69 pieces from the combined three collections.

Please note that blackstar.STUDIO is no longer a commercial business as the physical studio closed many years ago. However, the story of the blackstar.STUDIO remains as a historical reference and a continued inspiration to many. Much of Steve's fan art is not available for purchase but is appreciated by thousands around the world.

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54 From Factory To Field V - Original Size 205cm x 500cm
Highlighting David’s passion for the Spanish Civil War and his various links to Spain.


55 VA173 Cracked Actor - Original Size 320cm x 120cm
Sound wave art exploration with David breaking through the noise.


56 VA417 Hunky Dory - Original Size 330cm x 180cm
Retro re-release of one of the most influential albums.


57 V819 Loving The Alien - Original Size 200cm x 140cm
The secret meeting place where David updated his earthly progress to the galaxy gods.


58 V2 Screaming Lord Byron - Original Size 280cm x 400cm
Reflecting the solitute of one man amongst the ironic mix of colour in his world.


59 V2 From Kether To Malkuth - Original Size 400cm x 180cm
The elements of creation in all forms travel and evolve inside us throughout life and death.


60 V Time - Train Overdue - Original Size 328cm x 189cm
The truth of a journey exposing and uncovering a multitude of hidden meanings in plain sight.


61 AV Reality Blackout - Original Size 360cm x 190cm
Enjoying life in the seclusion sanctuary of memories, dreams and reality.


62 Lost And Found V* - Original Size 230cm x 180cm
Confusion and conflict come with the clarity of obscurity when history is ignored.


63 Grey Star - Original Size 130cm x 90cm
Abstract reflection of what was right and wrong during theses transitional years.


64 White Star - Original Size 130cm x 90cm
Abstract reflection of experimentation, exploration and thinking ahead personally.


65 Black Star - Original Size 130cm x 90cm
Abstract reflection of a chequered history whilst never losing ones unknown direction.


66 Perfect Ommadawn - Original Size 150cm x 150cm
Five years weary journey - Handed back to where he started under a soul love protection.


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